The Best Royalty Free Music For Vlogs in 2022

Top 5 Best Vlog Royalty Free Music For 2022

Music is essential to your vlog YouTube videos. Vlogs are actually about sharing your experiences with others. Music helps to express the vlog mood and experiences you want your audience to have. Music helps you show the emotions of the vlog videos. Vlogging and music go together and the perfect song can really push your video to the top! If you want to take your vlogs and videos to the next level, you’re reading the right blog.


In this blog, we have listed some of the newest and best music releases for vlogs! Even if you are looking for something different than what we have listed here, do not worry! We will also be sharing our playlists and other music browsing options.



The Perfect License

When adding music to your YouTube vlogs, you want to make sure you check what kind of music it is. A license with allows you to use any and all the music in our library. One license gives you access to the entire library! All current music and any new music added can be downloaded and used in your videos.


Not only does the license allow you to use the whole library, you only need one license for all your channels! While other music licensing companies require multiple licenses for multiple channels, that is not true with us. No matter how many channels or social media pages you have, you only need one license for all of them.



Why Royalty Free Music For Your Vlogs?

You may ask, why do I need to pay for a music license when there is music I can use for free? Free music is often used by vloggers and YouTubers. However, it comes with certain risks that you do not have to worry about with royalty free music. Royalty free music gives you both the highest quality music and one of the safest forms of music for your videos. Free music is either cheaper and poorer in quality or may not actually be free sometimes! Avoid the risk of using music that isn’t free and take advantage of high quality vlog music.


Royalty free music is the safest way to use music in your vlogs. The music license ensures that you have legal access to the music and that the music won’t be taken down. Once you have it in your videos, it is never going away! So long as your license is valid and active, the music in your videos will be safe.



Why You Need Vlog Music

Vlog music is an essential part of vlogging! Having vlog music gives vlogs a professional and more complete look. Think of your favorite content creator or vlogger: they probably had some awesome music in their videos, right? Adding vlog music to your vlogs makes them look more complete. If you are vlogging about a certain topic, the music you choose can make or break the vlog. Having vlog music can also help to further connect you with your audience. Vlog music gets more views, likes, and subscribes. The vlog listeners feel like they heard the music before or can imagine themselves listening to it somewhere else. You gotta have it in your videos!



Different Genres of Vlog Music

There are many vlog music genres, including vlog rap, vlog pop, vlog alternative etc. You will find that vlog music falls into one or more categories. There are certain genres that go well with others. To help you get started, here are some vlog genres to give you ideas on vlog music for vlogs: Hip Hop, Rap, Pop, Alternative, Rock. We have noticed that some of the more popular genres are pop and hip hop. Vlog pop songs are some of the most popular vlog songs because they make vlogging easy and more professional! The most important thing, however, is that you match the music with the tone/emotion of your video. If your vlog is about a fun vacation you had, you do not want to put some dark and somber music. Make it fun and upbeat!



Our Top 5 Royalty Free Vlog Music Beats

There is so much music on the internet right now, where do you even begin to look for the right sound? It is tough to decide what music to put in a video, so we have done some of that work for you! Below are’s best and newest royalty free music for vlogs in 2022!


1. “Multiplayer”

Multiplayer is a fun, energetic hip hop song that will put your audience in a great mood.


Check it out and license this song here:



2. “Thrill”

This pop song is both upbeat and uplifting, perfect to create that cheerful and fun feeling in your viewers!


Check it out and license this song here:



3. “Life Is Good”

This song is guaranteed to put your viewers in a good mood! If you want to share some fun experiences or memories, this song is perfect.


Check it out and license this song here:



4. “Rise Above”

Looking to inspire and motivate your followers? This song will do the trick!















Check it out and license this song here:



5. “Mission”

Looking for more of a chill vibe for your vlog? Look no further, this song has a great blend of chill with some energy.



Check it out and license this song here:


Check Out Even More Songs

If you are looking for something different than what we post here, no worries, we got you covered! Our vlog music playlist has more than 1,000 free vlog songs for you! You can search more songs for your videos on our vlog music playlist. Even if that doesn’t cover, you can browse here by different categories to find what you need. You can search by genre, moodinstrumentlength, and even BPM. Whatever sound and style you are looking for, has the royalty free music you are looking for!


When you are ready to take your vlogs and videos to the next level with the best royalty free background music, we will be here for you! Sign up here to give your vlogs the perfect music they need!