How To Start and Grow Your YouTube Channel In 2022

How To Start and Grow Your YouTube Channel

Starting up your first YouTube channel can be scary. Even scarier is how to get subscribers after you start! There are a lot of things you need to take into consideration before you even start your first video. This blog post discusses how to grow a YouTube channel. It explains how to start your own YouTube channel, grow an audience, viewership, and subscribers as well as equipment necessary to start!


Getting Started

First, think about what you want to grow your channel around. It can be anything from how-to tutorials, vlogs, or just some people that have a bunch of random videos. It is important to have a clear-cut vision for what your channel is about and what videos you will produce. Once you have decided on the type of content you want to grow your channel around, start thinking about the type of equipment you will need. This determines how much money you will have to spend on all the other things.


Define Your YouTube Channel

It is important to grow your channel around something. When you grow your YouTube Channel, it is important to grow it on a particular topic or related topics. If you are starting a YouTube Channel, make sure the topic fits what you want to grow your content around. If you grow a channel with too many unrelated topics your videos won’t grow as much. However, if you have more specified content, people can come to your channel knowing what they will see. Make sure to make an informative YouTube video that will interest your audience from the very beginning.

Getting more views on YouTube requires a lot of hard work, especially if you grow your channel around something specific. In order to help you define your channel and stay on that topic, try starting your channel with an introduction video!


Look At Other YouTube Channels For Inspiration

If you are looking for a good starting point to grow your YouTube audience, look into what your specific topic is and see who’s videos are the most popular. Looking at other YouTube channels will give you an idea on what to do and not to do. Additionally, there are several different YouTube Videos on how to start a YouTube channel in general to help you get started!



Necessary Equipment

When starting up your YouTube channel, you want to consider how to film and record your videos. Starting your channel off strong with high quality equipment can really boost your channel. There are three general categories of equipment you will need consider: Microphone, camera, and lighting.

(1) Microphone

Having a decent microphone is the most important thing. If you grow your YouTube Channel, it is important to grow an audience. Having a bad microphone can be a turn off if someone watches your video. When choosing a microphone, make sure to look at different brands and consider what you are willing to grow up around or grow away from. Shop around and pick the best quality microphone for the best price you can manage.

(2) Camera

Having a good camera that shoots high-quality videos will help grow your YouTube channel tremendously. If you grow an audience, make sure to shoot with the best quality of video you can for the most engaging viewing experience. It is important to know that getting a camera that shoots in 4k will grow your YouTube channel even more than getting a camera that only shoots 1080p. You will want to look at different cameras before you start the Channel. Again, shop around and pick the best quality camera for the best price!

(3) Lighting

Having proper lighting can improve your video quality drastically. Having proper lighting can make your videos look professional. The more professional your video looks, the more viewers will grow. YouTube is a place where YouTube viewers want to watch videos that look professional. Lighting is one of the most important things you should think about while growing YouTube Subscribers and Views. There are several options for lighting, here are the top five options YouTubers are talking about in 2022!





Audience and Engagement

A great way to grow your audience is to actively engage with them. YouTube also likes YouTube Channels that have good YouTube engagement. There are several ways to increase engagement.

(1) Comment and Respond

When watching a video on YouTube, comments allow other users to connect. YouTube loves YouTube Channels that have YouTube engagement with their YouTube audience. Engaging YouTube Comments increase your YouTube Subscribers and Views. People like to feel seen and like the YouTuber cares about them. If you invest personally in your audience by commenting and responding, your subscribers will invest in you!

(2) Post Consistent, Well Organized Videos

Create a schedule and stick to that schedule as much as possible. This will increase engagement by providing something for followers to anticipate. Furthermore, the timetable may assist you in deciding which is more important: quality or quantity. Sit down and create a schedule that works for you and can be easily achieved.

Also, stay on topic. Whatever topic or content you have decided on for your channel and/or video, make sure you stay on that format. This will help you stay focused and help your audience will then know what to expect from you.

(3) Call To Action

Make sure every video includes a “Call To Action” (CTA). CTA is when you ask or instruct your audience to do something, such as “like, comment, subscribe” or ask them questions you can answer later. Do not be afraid of directing your audience to share or like your videos/channel. At the start or end of every video, give your viewers an action to do “like, comment” or “click here, find out more!” Instructing your audience to act is a guaranteed way of increasing engagement and subscribes.



Use Music In Your Videos

Lastly, it is absolutely necessary that you use music in your videos! Including music in your videos increases their quality and professional look. YouTube is a place where YouTube viewers want to watch videos that look professional. When YouTube users hear music, they associate the video with being high-quality and engaging. YouTube Channels that use music in their YouTube Videos grow much faster than channels without music. Without using music, your videos are boring and YouTube subscribers don’t want to watch them!

If you need music for your videos, check out our music library. In our music library, you will find different genres and styles of music for whatever  videos might be!

Using music not only makes your videos appear higher in quality and more professional, but it helps with engagement! Including music in your videos helps you connect with your viewers. Your subscribers want to feel connected and invested in you and your channel. Music is a great way to make that happen!

Good luck!

-MorningLightMusic Team