4 Elements That Viral Videos Share

Creating a viral video is no easy feat. It requires the perfect combination of quality, creativity, and luck. But what are the essential elements that all viral videos share? Quality royalty-free music, an intriguing story or concept, humor, shock value and visual appeal are some of the most common components of successful viral videos.


Videos with over 1,000 comments and over 100,00 likes/views are considered viral. Having a viral video can send your YouTube channel into the stratosphere. While there is no defined recipe for producing viral videos, there are some common elements the most popular videos share.


Read below to find out more about the elements that viral videos share.

1.  Viral Videos Have Quality Royalty-Free Music

Quality royalty-free music is an essential element in creating a successful viral video. Many videos rely on quality background music to enhance the overall entertainment value, creating a dynamic video that viewers will want to watch repeatedly.


Often, producers cannot find quality royalty-free music for their videos due to budget constraints or a lack of resources. If you’re looking for an extensive library of royalty-free music, MorningLightMusic has you covered.

2.  The Importance of a Catchy Title

A catchy title is essential to creating a successful viral video. A good title will capture the attention of viewers and make them curious enough to click on your video. An effective title should be short, descriptive, and easy to remember – think “Gangnam Style” or “Charlie Bit My Finger.”


In addition, using powerful words such as “amazing,” “incredible,” or even humorous ones like “epic fail” can also captivate viewers. Make sure that it matches the tone of the content, so audiences know what they are getting into before watching your video – no one wants unexpected twists!


Viral videos often capitalize on current trends by integrating popular phrases from television shows or popular culture in general – this helps entice people who aren’t necessarily interested in your topic but may find interest once reminded about something familiar related to their interests.

3.  The Perfect Thumbnail

Eye-catching Thumbnails are essential for creating a successful viral video. A good thumbnail helps attract viewers to watch your video and makes them curious about it. Thumbnail quality can make or break the success of a video, as it’s the first thing people see when browsing online.


Creating an eye-catching thumbnail is no easy task. It requires a combination of quality visuals, captivating text and an attractive design. Keep the thumbnail simple but interesting. Include vivid colors, clear fonts, and quality images that accurately represent your content.

4.  Viral Videos Provide Tons of Entertainment Value

Humor and entertainment value are essential for creating a successful viral video. People love to laugh and watch videos that entertain them. Humor can create an emotional connection with the viewer and make them feel more engaged in the content.


One of the most important aspects of humor is timing. Timing is key in delivering a punchline and creating comedic value in your video. Make sure the jokes are not too long, dry or cringeworthy – stay away from distasteful humor and keep it light-hearted.

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