New This Month: November 2021

Every month, we at MorningLightMusic put out new quality music, as well as compilations of our library to help you select the best song for your projects.

Whether you’re looking for a specific vibe for your next video, or need inspiration for a new idea, MorningLightMusic has got you covered.


Here is everything new added this month:

New Music

Title: Push To Start

Genre: Hip Hop


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Title: Thrill

Genre: Pop


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You can check out the full playlist of new songs added over the last few months on Spotify, or over on our Playlist page.


New Compilations


1) Emotional and Inspiring Royalty Free Background Music – Mix

A collection of emotional music to move or encourage your audience.




2) Chill Lofi Background Music For Videos and YouTube – Mix

Awesome choice of music for your viewers to sit back and unwind to.


That’s it! Go create something awesome!


MorningLightMusic Team