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No Copyright Music

‘No Copyright Music’ is a term commonly searched when creators are looking for music for their videos.  You can read more about royalty free music, and copyright in the music world over on our blog, where we discuss copyrighted music.

If you are a YouTuber, or any other video creator, then MorningLightMusic is the perfect place to start your journey to creating great content.  Our music subscription offers unlimited downloads of our royalty free music library.  We also provide Content ID clearing, so you can monetize your YouTube videos copyright free.

Check out a few of our top tracks from our library of royalty free music.  Subscription starts at $5/month.

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  • Download Preview
  • Composer: Matthew John Torres
    PRO: BMI
    IPI: 735315355

    Publisher: Songtrust Blvd
    IPI: 615755145