Music For Videos

Background Music For Videos

If you are a YouTuber, or any other video creator, then you need music for your videos. MorningLightMusic is the perfect place to start your journey to creating great content.  Our music subscription offers unlimited downloads of our music library.  We also provide Content ID clearing, so you can monetize your YouTube videos copyright free.

Check out a few of our top tracks from our library of royalty free music.  Subscription starts at $5/month.

Using copyrighted music in YouTube videos without permission or a license is very risky for content creators. YouTube might take your video down because of copyright violation. If the violation is severe enough, you might also receive a fine or a lawsuit from the copyright owner. Therefore, it is essential to do your homework about what kind of music you are using in your videos.

MorningLightMusic’s music library allows creators to access a catalog of different songs to add to their videos. Every song in the collection is copyrighted by MorningLightMusic. Once you have purchased a license with us (either through a subscription or single-track license), you can use your license PDF to clear content ID claims.

A Content ID claim is generated by an automated system on YouTube, so your video may still get a claim even though you properly licensed the music.

  • You can dispute the claim by following these guidelines: Dispute a Content ID Claim.
  • When you get to the box that asks you to explain your claim, copy/paste the contents of your license pdf. You can access your pdf license by going to your account: Account>My Orders>Invoice (right hand side of the order).